• Another Great Hack for Gaming Search Engines

    Today, I’ll continue on SEO advice and share with you a SERIOUS hack that can help you with search engines.  But first, a little education.

    There are basically three kinds of inquiries which may be typed in a search engine.

    • Queries which are informational– looking for information which can range from being specific and general
    • Queries that are navigational– looking for a particular page or website
    • Queries that are transactional– looking with the intention to buy

    It is possible that you do not want to put in your time to rank a blog post which holds information with regards to a transactional query, also alongside you possibly do not want people to go on to type queries which are informational to get into the shopping cart.

    The mentioned three types of queries are equally crucial in their own way which could eventually result in a sale. If someone finds information that is useful on your website they very well could return to you later and make a purchase for something. The aspect to consider here is the one where someone enters into a search engine discloses much about their intentions and therefore with regards to intent of the searcher you will require diverse pages of the ranking of your website with regards to different queries.

    Coming up with a List of Keywords for Targetting

    Brainstorming is the first approach towards coming up with a list of keywords. It is important that you put in some time and jot down the most possible words and phrases which you can which associate to your website with the core agreement that it is only the beginning of your journey into this kind of study. You should henceforth come up with building a list of as many as one hundred phrases without having to face a lot of problems.

    While you are carrying on with brainstorming phrases there may be a few themes which start to come up. You should consider if you only web development or also web design along with which you could also consider offering development such as WordPress and Drupal. It is also possible that you can also specialize in areas such as ecommerce design or web design for small businesses, consider also probably web hosting. You will build a more detailed list around each one of these which will eventually be most likely to be a theme for keywords.

    You can only come up with as many words as you can through brainstorming activities and therefore you should then go further enhance your list using some keyword tools.

    Okay, so now to my big REVEAL.

    I’m going to share with you my ultra top secret keyword research tool.  It’s called SEMRUSH.  I urge you to read an SEO guy’s review over here:

    This powerful tool does SO much, but here are the main bullet points:

    • Analyze your sites
    • Spy on your competition
    • Look for Paid Ads that work
    • Find out competition levels
    • Track Your Rankings

    Guys, this is my biggest secret weapon that I can share with you.  Here’s a video done by someone I’ve spoke about before.  :)

  • Wanting to Become an SEO Expert?

    There are several people who are in the field of search engine optimization and make a complete career out of this. They are mostly able to do this if they specialize in the different sub areas which search engine optimization has to offer.  I recently caught up with an associate of mine, Tim Schmidt, who runs this search engine optimization company, and he provided me with some further insight that made me able to to dig deeper into this and find other skill sets that allows people to become experts in this highly niche category.

    Tim advised the following skill sets to really accelerate an Internet Marketing background and take things to the next level.  Read more about Tim on his Yelp Page.

    • Pay per click advertising

    These are basically covers developing convincing search advertising in Google and Bing this also brings into it Yahoo along with display network advertising, affiliate advertising and also other aspects.

    • Social Media Marketing

    Covers developing new and convincing content and attracting followers whether the main goal is sales through several existing avenues which are online and these include facebook, twitter, google+, linkedin, youtube, flickr, foursquare, pinterest and others as well.

    • Search Engine Optimization
    Tim Schmidt SEO Expert
    Tim has been doing SEO since 2002.

    Under this local search includes acquiring business profiles which have been developed in the main search engines, mapping of websites along with the major search directories for businesses, niche directory sales, local media websites and others. On the other hand, on page looks at a comprehensive analysis of all the elements on the page which significantly disturb the efficiency and effectiveness of the way the search engine crawler consumes and analyses the content of the website.

    Analytics however point out at analyzing tracking and the referrer data of the visitors of a website along with developing reports to rule out the demographics of user population and their actions on the website. For mobile it relates to all points which are linked to search on mobile devices which also includes the usage of devoted mobile websites and interfaces.

    Content development is another subhead which looks into the writers of the content of a website, social media messaging, along with blog posts as well. Link building is another field which works on the process of acquiring links from websites that are external to relate to a particular target audience.

    The keyword development side is also very important as it works on picking up various keywords and phrases which are to be utilized by websites to develop levels of significance to a particular topic which is under search. Reputation management also has to be considered since it looks at generally keeping up the goodwill which is depicted towards the client or making efforts to reduce the damage which has been brought about by the same reasons because of a disaster made in public relations.