About Me

About Me

I’m Andrew Silver, and since 2003, I’ve marketed just about everything you can think of online.

I got my start marketing stuff on eBay, but didn’t have much success. It was a very competitive market and I didn’t like the fact that so many big companies were coming in and undercutting my prices every time I found a nice product niche.

I then moved to web design, which will be a common topic here on this site.  I have a passion for designing in HTML, but then WordPress came along and really took web designers out of business.  Wordpress is about as simple as Microsoft Word to learn, so everyone has a level playing field.

These days, I do a lot of SEO consulting for private clients as well as join up with various affiliate programs.  I will mention some top converting affiliate programs from time to time, so join up with them if you wish.

Based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, I like to enjoy the sun, the Miami Dolphins, and Miami Heat.  Don’t be surprised if I talk about those teams from time to time!

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